Financial Consulting

* Determining the financial position of government and private institutions at any time so that the concerned department can know everything that occurs to the institution in terms of changes in its financial position. * Determining the ability of government and private institutions to develop projects and build new projects based on their own budget, which is one of the most important benefits of financial consulting. * Training some new employees to gain experience in conducting studies related to the budget of governmental and private institutions and financial matters. * Establishing a fixed financial system for the company and the employees so that it is deviated from except for necessity and what the company requires of necessary needs. * Achieving the highest financial profit return for institutions through financial advice that relies on experts in the field, which brings a distinct profit return to all parties. * Future commercial planning for institutions, based on the current situation and the extent of development that occurred during the current and past period. Linking financial consulting, marketing consulting, administrative consulting, and feasibility study so that the project, company, and institution are led towards progress and achieving the highest profit, and enhancing the ability to select and establish new investment projects that achieve benefit and development to the fullest extent. * Achieving the highest benefit from customers and consumers, by relying on comprehensive and accurate studies in achieving income without harming or raising prices for customers.

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