Revenue governance in the Eastern Province Municipality

Activate the operational governance of the systems concerned with controlling the secretariat's revenues. Activating the role of all entities concerned with revenues and defining the powers and responsibilities of each entity. Preparing reports and performance indicators that reflect business results. Preparing a plan to monitor the trust's receipts throughout the project period. Studying the technical aspects and obstacles that lead to an increase in the percentage of defaulters in the financial receivables of the Secretariat. Analyze the procedures followed by the automated systems and match those procedures with the current and updated systems and regulations. Reviewing the various municipal revenue items according to the state revenue system and the extent of their application in the Municipality Reviewing financial dues in the light of rules and regulations. Coordinating between the entities concerned with municipal revenues and determining the sequence of procedures between the Municipality and those entities Examining all correspondences related to revenues Studying the obstacles and problems related to all municipal revenues and finding solutions that ensure the smooth flow of business on all revenues related to revenues. Continuing to update data on sources of revenue from investment contracts and public benefit and developing their classification. Continuing to update the databases of the systems used to follow up and monitor the collection of investment contracts and current and new fees.

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