Providing advisory services for the study and analysis of government lands

The project aims to provide advisory services for the study and analysis of government land and property in the approved plans that fall within the scope of the  Municipality’s services, as well as documenting the plans belonging to the municipality that were granted, and this includes the following

Providing an integrated database of lands and properties and linking it to the geographic information system available in the Municipality Finding out the reality of municipal properties and creating an electronic record for each municipal property linked spatially to the geographical information   system available in the Municipality, and facilitating and facilitating dealing and disposing of it effectively Establishing an infrastructure to work in the management of land and property that contributes to creating an environment free of paper transactions by studyi and automating work procedures in the General Administration of Land and Property and converting them from a paper system to electronic transactions and building work departments according to the    Establishing electronic archiving of the plans, documents and papers available in the administration and linking them to the geographical location in question Management Workflow System and linking, merging and integrating them with the site of the land in question. through geographic information systems

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