Studying and raising the efficiency of project implementation procedures for municipalities in the region and appropriate solutions for remote follow-up

Full remote supervision

Full documentation of all project information, documents and procedures

Complete record of all events that took place on projects

Checking and issuing abstracts electronically

Verify actual locations for screening visits

Documented communication between users

Automate project schedules

Automation of studies management processes

Assist decision makers in making accurate decisions

Accuracy of completion percentages

Full dependence on modern smart devices

Integration with Primavera & MS Project

Full tracking of the project since it was received in the budget or initiatives

Provide accurate and instantaneous reports and statistics Providing human resources - strengthening the technical side Provide an appropriate solution for remote project follow-up

Using modern technologies such as Business Intelligence (BI) to provide accurate and useful information and statistics to decision makers about projects

Maintenance of computers, scanners and copiers available within the information center throughout the project period

Rehabilitation and familiarization of departments and municipalities with the new procedures followed in the implementation of projects

Keeping abreast of technical development and continuous updating to achieve the Agency's desires and objectives in a way that achieves the public interest within the scope of the project's work

Rehabilitation, support and follow-up of the information center and relevant departments to implement ISO standards to ensure the quality of procedures. Preparing the necessary reports for the various tasks in the project

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